Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lyre Leaf Sage

Ever notice something one time and then see it everywhere?  That is what this plant is doing to me!  I noticed it while running errands as it grew profusely in someone's yard.  After researching, I discovered that it is Salvia lyrata (Lamiaceae), also known as lyre leaf sage.  It is a mild herb in the mint family.  It is a cough and cold treatment as a tea, and according to folk medicine, fresh leaves can be applied to warts for removal, as well as the leaves and seeds can be made into an ointment to heal wounds and sores.  Young leaves are also edible in salads.

Lyre Leaf Sage Tea

1 tablespoon dried lyre leaf herbs
1 cup of boiling water

Boil water and remove from heat.  Add herbs to steep for 10 minutes.  Strain and sweeten to taste.