Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Black Locust Trees are Blooming! Time for Fritters!

My kids eagerly wait for this time of year.  Throughout the last year I have heard, "Remember when you made those flower doughnuts? Can we make those?" I explain that those flowers only bloom for two weeks in the spring. Yesterday I was out for a walk in an abandoned commercial lot when I discovered many young wild Black Locust trees in bloom. I didn't expect to see the blooms for at least another week, but we have had a lot of rain lately which may have encouraged them.

If you have these trees, try this recipe. It's amazing! I never deep fry anything but I will get the frying pan and grease out for this! The scent of the sweet flowers coupled with deep fried batter make these irresistible. I posted the recipe HERE last year. This is probably my favorite wild edible recipe.


  1. I would love to grow some black locust. If you see any pods later in the year, I'll trade you for 'em.

  2. Sure! I saved some pods from a Honey Locust if you would like that one as well. The tree is from a local park and is quite prolific.