Friday, November 21, 2014

November Foraging in the Mid-South!

While the north is buried under six feet of snow, we are fortunately still growing some wild edibles!  I must admit, it makes me very happy to live in an area that has exactly four equal seasons.  By the time you get sick of one, the next one is beginning!  This also gives us a wide variety of available plants at different times of the year.  The fall season is still in full bloom even after a few frosts.  January and February is generally the barren season of the year.  By the end of February, you might see a few onions.  However, there is much to see today!

Watercress which grows in a spring.  Because the water temperature is never extreme, it grows all year.
Make sure you invest in a pair of these if you are going into the spring!
Field Pennycress, great in salads and has a mild peppery taste.
Thistle, if you cut the stickers off you can eat the center.  Tasty but a real pain.
Juniper berries, great seasoning for wild meat and pork. It's what gin is made of.
Rose hips, can be used to make tea or jelly.  It has more vitamin C than oranges.
English Plantain, edible as a green and makes a wonderful salve.
Curly Dock, edible as a green, in the buckwheat family
Chickweed, it loves the cool weather.  It is one of my favorites and makes a great pesto.
Carolina Geranium, has medicinal uses.
Motherwort, makes a great soothing tea.  It never dies out here.  It is an amazing plant.
Wild mustard, can be eaten as a green.  It currently is mild tasting but will become more harsh as it ages.  It grows well in the early spring and loves cool weather.
Blackberry leaves are still green and can be picked and dried for teas.
Clover leaves, edible green.
Young Cleavers, edible and medicinal
Burdock leaves, the roots make a great wild edible!

Happy hunting and be sure you know 100% of what you are eating!  Please research using multiple sources.


  1. I did not know that about the blackberry leaves for tea, but I will try that!

  2. All good information. We are kindred spirits. Keep up the good work, "up 'ere"! Love y'all.